Coffee Shops That Can't Be Beat

Coffee Shops That Can't Be Beat


First I drink the coffee, then I do the things. I’m sure many of you readers could agree that coffee is not only a delicious treat to enjoy but also happens to be the source of how plenty of us keep functioning at a socially acceptable rate throughout the day. Between work commutes, family obligations and social interactions, let’s just be honest, we need that caffeine bean! So here are some of my own personal favorite spots; whether I’m just stopping by for a quick perk up or I can actually take time to sit back, relax and enjoy a warm cup of liquid happiness.       -Ashley Franz, Professional Barista


The Bowtie Café

Mt Adams – 1110 St. Gregory St.

The Bowtie Cafe 

If you like your coffee to be served up with a side of truly excellent customer service, then Bowtie is the place for you. Not only does this café brew their coffee drinks with Intelligentsia beans, but the positive energy radiates off of those working here on a daily basis. Plus, who couldn’t love a spot where crooners like Sinatra can frequently be heard over the radio and an array of photographs of famous men rocking the bowtie don the walls? And if coffee just isn’t doing the trick for you, casual bistro fare and craft cocktails can be found here as well.


Coffee Emporium

Hyde Park – 3316 Erie Avenue

OTR – 110 E. Central Parkway

Coffee Emporioum

Welcome to the oldest coffee house in Cincinnati, where the beans are fresh and the atmosphere is easy going. Both Coffee Emporium locations are fantastic, but I personally have taken a liking to the Hyde Park spot. Patio seekers rejoice! Because I am fairly certain that a better coffee shop patio does not exist! Their pergola covered stone patio is covered in beautiful ivy vines and surrounded by potted plants and flower beds that make it a perfect quiet hide away spot to enjoy; in the warmer months of course. And their homemade baked goods? Don’t even get me started.


Roebling Point Books & Coffee

Covington KY – 306 Greenup St.

Roebling Point Books and Coffee

I see a book, I see a coffee, I see a good day ahead. Roebling Point Books & Coffee is a place that celebrates the impact a good book can have on one’s soul and who out there couldn’t find that to be a beautiful thing? If you need an escape from busy daily life, the stresses of the week, the weight on your shoulders, stop in, grab a delicious fair trade organic locally sourced coffee, pick out a book from their expansive collection, cozy up in a comfy chair, and just get away for a while.


Jet Coffee

Florence KY – 8203 US Route 42

Jet Coffee

Convenience is key, and in this busy non-stop rollercoaster world we currently are residing in, sometimes we just need service that’s quick and easy. Jet Coffee is just that. With a double sided drive through in the heart of Florence you can get your fix fast! A full service coffee shop with speed? Sign me up.


Avenue Brew

Bellevue KY – 310 Fairview Ave

Avenue Brew

If you’re like me, then local family owned style spots are what you seek; and you just can’t get a better community vibe than at Avenue Brew. Prepare to enter as a new customer and leave as a member of the family. I suggest coming hungry and in no rush to leave, because the aroma of fresh home baked treats, their all day breakfast lunch and dinner, and the incredibly delicious coffee will have you not only ready to order but wanting to stay. It’s the perfect kid friendly, family fun spot. And not to mention, in my personal opinion, the best chai latte I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.



Northside/Clifton – 4181 Hamilton Ave

Sidewinder Coffee Shop

Let’s talk bean roasting, because the folks at Sidewinder know their stuff. If you were ever curious about the farm to mug process, they can teach you a thing or two here. And even if you’re not stopping in to learn, this cozy spot has got whatever you may need. You’ll find delicious coffee, espresso drinks, light healthy food options, and even cocktails inside this cozy shop full of rotating art exhibits. Plus for all you patio lovers out there, this is another great spot to enjoy your coffee break outdoors. You might even run into Violet, the resident rabbit of the courtyard.

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19 Feb 2018

By Ashley Franz